Sunday, March 8, 2009


Although people have always loved the outdoors, more and more, we see families looking for ways to create the ideal garden oasis patio. Wanting to get outdoors instead of spending all the time inside, the possible design options for patio ideas and decks is incredible. With the outcome, people can cook, entertain, or simply relax with perfect landscaping ideas in a peaceful area.

Gazebo Landscape

One option that we see more of is choosing gazebo landscape. In fact, some gazebos are actually connected to the deck or patio while others are further out on the property as a standalone structure.

Regardless, some of the best options for gazebo landscape are to choose nice flowering plants around the base. In this case, short rose bushes, day lilies, or hosta are all excellent choices.After installing the gazebo landscape adding vines or hanging plants adds to the drama and beauty. By installing the gazebo to house a jacuzzi you will have created an intimate spa room outdoors. This will also add protection from the sun.

Flagstone Landscaping

Adding a flagstone landscape allows your guests to meander around your garden oasis patio and out to the gazebo landscape. This invites all who enter your tropical paradise to enjoy every corner. You can add a bird bath for a great relaxing look. Having different destination areas for entertaining such as the gazebo or patio allows the guests to spread out and not be cramped into one small area.

If you do a lot of entertaining you may want to consider adding an outdoor kitchen or fireplace along with some great looking outdoor furniture. You can look for garden chairs that complement your surroundings and this is a great way to visit with your guests while preparing the meal. If the evening becomes cool the outdoor fireplace will warm the garden oasis patio nicely. A gazebo with a fireplace and spa would create the ultimate romantic space.

You do not want to ruin the relaxing atmosphere of your garden oasis patio with the clutter of garden equipment or children's toys. It would be a good idea to add some attractive storage that blends with the landscape design. There are many ready made products or easy to assemble kits on the market for storage. Backyard landscaping ideas and entertaining components can be found at your local home improvement center or after a quick online search.

If you want to create a garden oasis patio for a small intimate group or for a large crowd you can easily do it yourself. Some prefab gazebos or storage structures can be ordered online and delivered to your home and you can have them set up in no time. A flagstone landscape design can be laid in a weekend.