Wednesday, September 23, 2009


One of the best backyard landscape ideas is to use large or medium sized accent boulders. Using these big rocks is very different than buildiing one of those rock gardens you see in some front yards. The rocks can add a lot of character to an otherwise dull garden or backyard area. If you position these boulders correctly, they can even give the illusion that your yard has several levels.

The trick to using large landscaping boulders in your backyard or front yard is the strategic placing of them. If you just lay out a couple of rocks and don't think about where they look best, they can even look quite odd. They need to look like part of the landscape and they need to look like they belong.

One tip to make this work is to not lay the rock on the top of the ground but to dig a small hole and bury one fifth or one sixth of the rock. You can then put various ground cover around the rock and it will look like it naturally belongs. Making everything look natural together and not forced is the key to doing something like this.

Some rocks are so big and heavy that you will have to have a professional place the rock for you. Landscaping rocks can be any size, shape or color but you need to use ones that fit in with the environment. For instance, the boulders you would find in desert climates are different from the ones you might find in the northern parts of the U.S.