Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Generate Income Gardens

Very few gardens are quite the same. Each garden is unique, and seems to acquire some of its owner's individual traits. The individuality of gardens is the key to understanding how to make money gardening. Because gardens are important to many people in many different ways money making opportunities abound.

Gardens are precious to their owners who are often willing to pay someone to help. They may want temporary help, or prefer for someone to take over complete responsibility for the garden. The need for garden help is reflected in the large number of small garden services businesses which usually survive despite strong competition.

Very little capital is required to start a garden business. An owner will often have his own equipment, so all that the gardener needs is an interest in gardens and an ability to work hard. Good gardeners work collaboratively with owners, trying to achieve common goals.

Because gardening is a primal instinct in many people there is a whole industry built around it. From the small garden shop, to the large supermarket people flock to buy requisites for their special places.

At another extreme larger shopping malls house garden supermarkets and retail outlets which turn over large volumes of plants and garden requisites. These are big scale businesses, often yielding substantial profits.

In many parts of the world vegetable gardens provide livings for whole families. A plot the size of a table on a mountain desert in Arabia can produce melons and vegetables worth much to passing travellers. In other parts of the world like England, allotments are maintained for vegetable and fruit production.

Because space is sometimes an issue the art of bonsai, has been developed over many centuries. Bonsai gardens may also include miniature plants and gardens grown in boxes or on plates. Such gardens comprise a flourishing trade right across the world. They can be created in very small spaces.

Recognizing the importance of gardening in society, many colleges, schools and gardening institutes offer training and certification in aspects of gardening. A horticultural qualification can land its possessor a well paid job in a big private garden or municipal organization.

From the exquisite gardens around Beijing's Forbidden City, to the Whitehouse Rose Garden, to Kew Gardens in England the garden industry is alive and as well now as it ever has been. Between the great landmark gardens and the humble market garden there is a wealth of opportunity for anyone interested in how to make money gardening.