Monday, September 22, 2008


For Japanese landscape design ideas, you will find a list of specific items to consider. Now, some Japanese gardens are simplistic while others include everything that would be found in a traditional Japanese landscape design. Therefore, the first thing you would need to do before shopping for the various types of Japanese garden supplies and materials is to determine the completed look you want.

Plan a strolling garden with beautiful paths taking you past tiny waterfalls and small ponds filled with koi fish. There are so many stonework Japanese art pieces to arrange along the paths to complete the look and feel of an authentic Japanese garden.

Japanese Garden Bridge

With a Japanese garden bridge, you would actually walk over the water features or simply stand or sit on the bridge to soak up the gorgeous view. After all, a Japanese garden design also features tons of greenery in the form of plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees, bamboo fences, waterfalls, statues, lanterns, lily pads, pebble walkways, and so on. In fact, for the larger gardens, some will also feature a teahouse, which is authentic.

You should be able to find an authentic looking Japanese garden bridge at your local garden shop. They will either be made out of wood or stone. They add a nice touch to your Japanese garden and offer a fun way to cross over a small stream or pond.

Now, there are also dry Japanese gardens in which case sand is raked into a swirl design that represents water. In the center of the sand is a rock or boulder, which is symbolic of an island. Even in this garden design, a Japanese garden bridge could be used to create the same appearance of having a bridge going over water.

Japanese Garden Supplies

Once you have carfeully planned and drawn out the design of your garden you will need a shopping list of all the components you would like to include in your garden. You can look online and order items or find them locally at a garden supply shop.

Once you have added the bridge, you can look at other Japanese garden supplies to complete the overall look. Again, lanterns, statues, bamboo fences, deer chasers, waterfalls, pebbles, and stepping stones are all common, along with lots of beautiful flowers and plants. If you shop around online or even at your local home and garden center, chances are you will find a wonderful selection without spending a fortune. To get more information on backyard landscaping ideas visit Outdoor Landscaping Ideas.

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