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Identifying And Germinating Seeds In Time

Many of the plants and shrubs too can be easily grown from their seeds. Plants like Berries and other fruits can be easily grown from their seeds. You can never match the fun and the pleasure that can be obtained from plucking and eating the berries that have grown in your gardens. One must be aware of the fact some seeds germinate faster and also grow faster and some take a longer time.

These days apart from the original seeds one can also fine seeds that are genetically altered or hybrid in nature. These seeds and plants thereafter grow very fast and also bear fruits much faster than if you had tried the original seed. You can sow the seeds in small seed boxes or even pots that are filled with the composts required for the nutrition of the plants.

Tips for growing seeds The following are some tips that you can follow in order that your seeds germinate and grow well:

You must be very careful to drain the boxes of the container in which you are placing the seeds for germination. This can be done by putting a layer of rocks on the bottom of the container.

After sowing the seeds you need to cover them to a required level with compost. The compost needs to be very fine. Then after that you need to place the container in a place that is not exposed to heat. It is best if you keep it in a cool place and preferably in an unheated seed house also called a green house.

Remember to water the pots well especially in the early stages or there are dangers of the new plant drying up. Also the soil could dry up and prevent the seeds from germinating.

In order to speed up germination you need to place the seeds in a tin. Make tiny holes on the lid of the tin to let the air pass in to it. Then layer it up with compost and soil. After this you need to bury the tin in the ground for the winter. This is one way of stratification that quickens the germination.

Always stratify the seeds in the whole if the winter before you sow them. This process needs to be followed in the case of seeds of fleshy berries and fruits. This is because these seeds have a hard outer covering that needs to be softened. Once you have carefully followed the above mentioned steps then your plants will grow. Once your plants have grown considerably then they can be transplanted to another box or pot that is bigger and gives enough room and space for the plant to grow.

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