Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tips For Planting A Small Vegetable Garden

The decision to grow your own small vegetable garden will reap many benefits other than the vegetables. There will be a lot of money saved at the market and the things grown at home taste much better than those bought at a market. This is also a wonderful way to teach children the process of how food items are grown and the importance of using the environment for life resources.

When you grow your own vegetables there are no unknown pesticides and preservatives in them. This means healthier food items for you and your family. There is not a need to have acres of land available, many items can be grown in small plots. All that is needed to begin growing vegetables is an area that gets plenty of sunshine, accessibility to water and soil.

The main idea is to begin with a small plot to grow items you like to eat. An area that is plowed about four feet wide and four feet long is sufficient for a beginner new to gardening. Starting off with a smaller piece of land will give you time to become familiar and comfortable with caring for the plants.

Start with choosing an area of the yard to plant. Dig the area the size determined, the depth needs to be approximately four inches. Remember to only plant what you will enjoy eating. Choosing the seeds will be overwhelming if you are not prepared before going to get supplies. Planting four to five varieties of seeds is going to fit better in the area.

Tomatoes are always a good choice for those just starting out in gardening. The tomato plants produce a great harvest and are easy to maintain. They will need to be staked once they begin to grow. Tomatoes not staked will lie on the ground and begin to rot on the ground side.

Most plots can be reused. After harvesting, rework the ground and plant other seeds through the same ground area. To get the most out of a small plot, if you have planted seeds that are quick in producing product, in the same section plant seeds that require more time for full growth.

There is no greater feeling than digging in the earth to plant your vegetable garden. The results will produce an excellent tasting vegetable and save tremendous amounts on the grocery bill. Getting the family involved in the planting process will encourage children to eat more vegetables as they will be anxious to sample what they have grown themselves.

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